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  1. South Australian award-winning author & mandala therapist.  BA (Hons) Flinders University (majoring Sociology & Women's Studies) Sociologist, Novelist, World Traveller, HeartWorker  

My experience


I began channelling mandalas many years ago after a heartfelt cry when my successful Writing Self lost confidence.

'Please help me understand Trust. Help me understand Heartwork. I can't do this alone'.  

Knowing nothing about mandalas, the process began, first for myself, and then for others. Now my work is in homes and businesses worldwide. 

Initial explanation of mandalas began with Carl Jung, co founder of psychoanalysis with Freud

My vision

 My mandalas are directed from another dimension of consciousness. Each mandala transmits symbolic information & energy. My vision in these times of chaos, discontent, confusion and despair is that the language of these mandalas serves to help all in need of assistance, or who simply to enjoy them as art tools for meditation  .

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