Margie's Mandalas

Mandalas have been known to solve emotional issues, business dilemmas, study problems,
relationship challenges, even financial crisis. They can also provide a focus for healing and personal growth....


You don’t HAVE to know how they work or why you’re attracted to certain designs. If your eye keeps returning to a particular design in any of the catalogues, it is likely to be the one you’re most needing to work with at this point in life.

'Work' means either being in a meditative state with it or having it in your company in whatever form - a card in the deck, a framed print, a magnet or perhaps a Shield.

When faced with personal dramas, solutions do come either through or because of them, though not necessarily via conventional means.

Learning the language of these mandalas varies according to the viewer:

  • Some have gifts of perception in each mandala's design, colour & number (of repetitions) which rapidly translates the message
  • Others absorb the information kinetically,  feeling the impact in the area needing assistance
  • Many are drawn to the title of the mandala where unconscious alignment occurs to receive whatever information is being conveyed.
  • The MOST POWERFUL & TRANSFORMATIVE is to have a personalised mandala during a ‘mandala therapy session’ - where core insights & solutions arise as to what may be preventing you living the life you want.

My Mandalas are energetic carriers of information - they are neither computer-generated nor consciously drawn to be ‘pretty’.  Some appear wild & chaotic, others precise & clean.  All of them contain specific information designed to touch your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual realms.  The consequences can be exhilaration, relaxation and/or peace of mind.

Each mandala arrives through the channels of Higher Consciousness as Messengers who desire to instill Love, Heart-Consciousness, Empowerment, Guidance, Soul/Ancestral Healing, Protection, Awareness, Harmony, Gentleness and Joy.


Healing and Self-Development

No matter what your circumstance there is a mandala available (& can be created) to help you find unique ways to heal & develop your emotional /mental health & wellbeing. Holistically you become calmer, more balanced & receive clearer insights. The empowering energies of Margie’s mandalas come directly from the etheric plane with pure Light intention to benefit & (en) lighten all Life.

Hand Crafted

Every mandala is hand-drawn by Margie, therefore can only be 100% original. These beautifully crafted mandalas are designed to effect Heart Awakening/Consciousness. Each design conveys unique energy & power. Margie is always happy to answer your queries.


Mandala Counselling

Margie continually expands her individualised mandala services to engage newcomers as well as inviting those who seek deeper levels of healing & self-awareness. She counsels and guides you during a highly interactive process while creating (channelling) your mandala. You take home an original design with demonstrated instruction on how best to use it, and an invitation to use her follow-up offers.


International Delivery

We deliver our mandala products anywhere in the world. Please email Margie to find out about shipping to your home-town.